Source : TESSA

There are 15 TESSA Secondary science units which you can access from this page. They were developed by colleagues in Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.



We have selected topics from the lower Secondary science curriculum that are difficult to teach and common across all countries. The units are grouped into five pedagogical themes, which reflect the skills and attributes of an effective teacher. They are:

Probing students’ understanding, Making science practical, Making science real and relevant, Problem-solving and creativity, Teaching challenging ideas

Each theme is exemplified in Biology (Module 1), Chemistry (Module 2) and Physics (Module 3), making a total of 15 units. If the topic that you are teaching is not covered, then we hope that you will be able to adapt one of the units to the context that you require.

If you would prefer to focus on one pedagogical theme then download all the section 1s in order to learn about ‘probing childrens’ understanding’; section 2s to learn about ‘making science practical’; section 3s to learn about ‘making science relevant and real’; section 4s to learn about ‘problem-solving and creativity’; and section 5s to learn and ‘teaching challenging ideas’.