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This School Leadership OER (Open Educational Resource) is one of a set of 20 units from TESS-India designed to help school leaders develop their understanding and skills so that they can lead improvements in teaching and learning in their school.The units are essentially practical, with activities to be carried out in school with staff, students and others. They are based on research and academic study of effective schools. These resources are under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence and can be adapted to the contexts and needs of Sub Saharan African countries.

What this unit is about

There have been many changes in education policy in India in recent years, but one of the most significant is the shift in expectations on schools. The aspiration is that schools should become more autonomous and responsive to their local communities, and that school leaders should take greater responsibility for the quality of teaching and learning in their schools (Tyagi, 2011).The aim of the TESS-India Open Educational Resources (OERs) is to support school leaders that want to enable their schools to become dynamic learning environments with active students and interactive teachers. It can be a challenging task to bring about such practice where it does not already exist, although school leaders have a great deal of authority within their own school. This unit positions the school leader as an enabler – someone who uses their role to make things happen in their school. The TESS-India OERs provide a ‘toolkit’ to support you in this role. This first orientation unit aims to familiarise you in how to use the TESS-India School Leadership OERs for your own development. At the core of all these resources is the idea that learning is lifelong and continuous: for teachers to learn effectively, their school leaders also need to be learners.

What you can learn in this unit

•To review your school leadership skills and identify areas for improvement.
•To use the TESS-India School Leadership OERs to design your learning pathway that enhances your school leadership skills.
•What it means to be an enabler of learning in your school.

The booklet The elementary school leader as enabler

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