thumb 128This document, the product of the international cooperation between OIF, UNESCO, ALEC-SO , OEC and UVT, is an example of an effective partnership for sharing knowledge to support quality lifelong learning opportunities needed.

This current publication is instrumental in supporting training to have the competencies for using OER - outlining exactly how to find, use, create and share openly licensed resources by stakeholders.
It serves as a vital capacity building tool that can ensure that the educational community can quickly have the skills necessary to make OER an integral part of their pro-fessional practice.
These are vital skills for ensuring that the innovations of OER are properly harnessed to bring forward the Sustainable Development Agenda.


This publication is a companion guide for the framework of competences that teachers should demonstrate so they can adopt open educational resources (OER) and include them in their practices.The OER competency framework for teachers was commissioned by the International Organisation of La Francophonie (IOF)’s Education and Youth Department and developed in 2015.

It features five fields of competences that follow a logical progression in OER production:
1. becoming familiar with OER;
2. finding OER;
3. using OER;
4. creating OER;
5. sharing OER.

Each field contains abilities sub-divided in capabilities that the teacher should master so as to adopt OER, foster their emergence and participate in the international advancement of education, thus supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Download the document (pdf, 1.4 Mo)

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