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Course Overview
COL developed this course to assist teachers of TVET institutes to incorporate ICT into their courses, moving towards a blended learning model, which integrates online digital resources with classroom teaching. The course is designed to be offered with a facilitator supporting cohorts of learners. However, individuals may find it helpful to work through the course to build their own understanding of blended learning. The course is designed to be delivered over eight weeks, with participants needing 3-4 hours per week to participate in the course discussions and activities, and time to develop their own online course content.


Learning Outcomes

Critically reflect on own teaching practice through investigation and testing of blended learning approaches
Create an online Moodle course, with appropriate learning resources that supports your investigation
Demonstrate awareness of good practice in blended learning facilitation
Demonstrate awareness of good practice in instructional design
Demonstrate use of a range of online activities and resources available for blended learning, including Open Educational Resources
Create online formative assessment with effective learner feedback
Carry out an evaluation of your blended learning classroom practice

License CC-BY-SA

The course