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The African Council for Distance Education (ACDE) is a continental educational organization comprising African universities and other higher education institutions, which are committed to expanding access to quality education and training through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) including e-Learning. It is a unifying body of distance education providers and practitioners in Africa.

The mandate of the ACDE, as a unifying body of ODL providers in Africa, is primarily to promote research, policy and quality in open and distance learning to increase access to education and training in Africa. They do this by building capacity, fostering collaboration and partnership, and advocacy.

The vision of ACDE is to become a major player in the promotion and advocacy for ODL including e-Learning.

Goals and Objectives

  • Promote open and distance learning, flexible and continuing education in Africa.
  • Promote research and training in ODL including e-Learning in Africa.
  • Contribute to the development of policies essential for the advancement of ODL including e-Learning.
  • Foster continental and global collaboration in ODL including e-Learning.
  • Provide a forum where individuals, organizations and governments can deliberate on policy matters pertaining to ODL including e-Learning.
  • Promote development of appropriate methods and technologies in education and training relevant to open and distance learning.
  • Provide a forum for interaction, sharing and dissemination of ideas on open and distance learning.


Teacher Education OER

TESSA OER to support active teaching a learning. Classroom activities and examples for teachers and teacher educators.
TESSA: Teaching Early Reading with African Storybook. A free course for teachers and teacher educators involved in teaching reading.
Making Teacher Education relevant for 21st Century Africa. A course to support teacher educators in learning how to model active learning and teaching.

The Teachers’ Domain
Merlot Teacher Education (Multimedia education resource for learning and online teaching)
Teachers without Borders
OER Commons
Open CourseWare Consortium
Open textbook sites
Open access research sites
OER Africa


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