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The booklet Supporting teachers to raise performance is a free educational resource (OER) developed by a group of teacher educators to support school leaders who accompany their staff’s Professional Learning and Development (LPD) within their institution with a view of enhancing the conditions and quality of learning in the school.

It is an adaptation of the Aprélia booklet Soutenir les enseignants pour améliorer les apprentissages which is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence. It also draws on the work carried out by TESSA and Aprélia in French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa, separately or jointly, as well as the resources resulting from this work.It belongs to a collection of booklets that relates to the key issue of improving learning through school-based professional co-development.

What this booklet is about

In an ideal world, all students would achieve good learning gains each year in school, helped by teachers who knew about the latest learning theories and how to apply these to each individual student’s needs. The teachers would be able to do this with the resources provided by the school and despite whatever else was happening elsewhere in their lives.
However, we do not live in an ideal world. Teachers are human beings who sometimes find themselves working not at their best. If they are aware of this, they may only need a small amount of support to improve –but the problem is when the teacher does not realise they can do better and student learning is suffering. This is a sensitive issue that needs careful handling, but is part of the role and responsibility of a good school leader.
In this booklet you will learn how to gather evidence about teacher performance and explore some ideas to improve it by using planning supportive development activities. Your teachers are the biggest determinant of student achievement and therefore your influence in promoting teacher performance will directly impact on student learning and outcomes.

As a school leader you can enable teachers to have more impact by supporting them to raise their performance.

What school leaders can learn in this booklet

The resources, activities, pauses for thought and case studies in this booklet will help you:

The booklet Supporting teachers to raise performance

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