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This is a six-week, task-oriented MOOC that focuses on how to select, evaluate and use Open Educational Resources (OER) to help support quality in teacher education. Teacher development is a highly complex process and there are many different ideas about the best way to prepare and support quality teachers.

This course is part of a collection of courses called TESS-India, so you may find other courses here that maybe of interest to you. The TESS-India model of school leadership and management further engages school leaders, teacher educators and state administrators in understanding and applying effective management strategies, such as school self-review, improvement planning, assessment and defining school culture.

Freely available to all, TESS-India’s comprehensive toolkit of 191 Open Educational Resources (OER) equips teachers with the knowledge to actively engage their students in meaningful learning. The toolkit comprises of 105 teacher development units, 20 school leadership units, 10 principles of practice, 55 videos of authentic classroom teaching and a compendium offering sample teaching learning pathways through the OER.

Resources can be selected, sequenced and adapted flexibly, according to your needs and priorities.

Course learning outcomes

Through engaging in the MOOC you will have opportunities to learn to:


The full TESS-India tookit of Open Educational Resources


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